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North Star Academy
- Troy Fernley

As a middle school technology teacher, I have used high priced, server licensed keyboarding software in the past. I found these programs sometimes difficult to install. I also found the client side programs became outdated fairly quickly, making the cost of ownership quite high. Once the initial software was purchased I was asked to continually update to the latest version of the software to keep the software running on the current OS or to keep up to date with the current keyboard teaching strategies they defined. Of course those updates are always quite pricy. I knew the answer to this dilemma was to find a web based typing program. I did my research, narrowed my selection down to 3 programs and tried the trial version of each one. I found TypingAce to be far superior in ease of use for the students and me, in administration, in the ability to customize for individual students and in support (especially support)!

Before I laud the program I must say something about the support I received from the TypingAce staff. They answer every question I posed them quickly and professionally. I was very pleased at the willingness to take suggestions and actually make changes to the program to accommodate my needs. Never have I experienced this high level of customer support from any company until now.

First, the online format is perfect for schools. With so many of my students wired at home, and the ability for students to go to the local library and have access to the Internet, I can assign keyboarding practice as homework and be confident that I am getting a true account of what students do at home. Students being able to log into their accounts at home means parents don't need to purchase software for home use. Students are highly motivated to go home, log on, and work beyond what I ask them to do. Many of them are excited to show off newfound skills and knowledge to mom and dad.

Because the software is web based, it is cross platform. I run a Mac network at school, but many of my students have PCs at home. With TypingAce, this is not a problem. Every one of my students is able to access their account, no matter what platform he/she is using at home.

TypingAce is more customizable than any other program I have used. The students appreciate the ability to choose from a selection of skins and I appreciate the ability to create lessons and post them to our account.

And finally, the true test of any program, be it software or peopleware, is its effectiveness. Every one of my students made at least a 50% jump in speed and accuracy in the first term; many of my students experienced over 100% improvement.

Troy Fernley - North Star Academy

NorthStar Student Comments

"I thought TypingAce was a good place to practice typing. I think this because I used to hunt and peck and now I don't look at my hands or my keyboard. It also helped me type faster. This is why I think TypingAce.com is a good place to learn to type."

"My experience with TypingAce was pretty darn good. I went from like 7 words per minute to like 27 words per minute. It was a good thing because it will probably help me in my future."

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